TB4 Thermocouple Catalog Page

Mounting Flange Thermocouples
(Series TB4)

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Sheath Diameter
4 5
Insertion Length
Mounting Flange
Lead Wire Material
Lead Wire Length
Termination Style
Special Features

2 Calibration
J Type J
K Type K
T Type T
E Type E

3 Sheath Diameter
H 0.125" (3.2mm) (1/8")
J 0.156" (4mm)
L 0.188" (4.8mm) (3/16") (standard)
M 0.236" (6mm)
N 0.250" (6.4mm) (1/4")
  Sizes for reference only (Standard tolerances apply)

4 5 Insertion Length

6 Junction
G Grounded (standard)
U Ungrounded
E Exposed
W Grounded (Dual Junction)
Y Ungrounded common (Dual Junction)
Z Expose & isolated (Dual Junction)

7 Mounting Flange
X 1” Diameter mounting flange

8 Lead Wire Material
A Fiberglass (800°F)
B Fluoropolymer (400°F)
C Polyimide (500°F)
E High temperature fiberglass (1200°F)
F Fiberglass with stainless steel braid (800°F) (standard)
G Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid (400°F)
H Fiberglass with armor cable (800°F) (standard)
J Fluoropolymer with armor cable (400°F)
K Polyimide with armor cable (500°F)
L High temperature fiberglass with armor cable (1200°F)
M Fiberglass with stainless steel braid with armor cable (800°F)
W Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid with armor cable (400°F)
  Wire gauge determined by ECS based on sheath diameter.

9 Lead Wire Length
  Over 999" contact factory

10 Termination Style
A 2" stripped leads (bare ends)
B 2" stripped leads w/ spade lugs
C Standard male plug (400°F)
D High temp male plug (660°F)
E Max temp male plug (800°F)
G Solid pin plug
H Standard female jack (400°F)
J Miniature plug (400°F)
N Standard 3 pin plug w/ ground wire (400°F)
P Dual molded male plug (400°F)
W 2” stripped leads w/ pin terminals
Q 2” stripped leads w/ wire ferrules


Extra long lead wire length (beyond 2” stripped leads)

11 Special Features
01 Solid conductor (Lead wire)
02 1.5" long strain relief spring
03 1.5" long heat shrink where wire exits the probe
04 Flat tip probe
05 Drill point tip
06 Epoxy seal
07 Cable Clamp
08 Bx Connector
09 Mating connector
11 International IEC 584-3 color coded leads
12 British color coded leads
13 German color coded leads
14 Japanese color coded leads
15 Reverse polarity color coded leads
18 Moisture protection boot on connector
21 Fluoropolymer coated armor cable
24 Fluoropolymer covered probe

  • Dual junction only available in diameteres 0.156" and larger
  • Mounting holes drilled for #10 screw
  • Flange is soldered to probe