Mineral Insulated MGO RTDs w/ Lead Wires
(Series RB5)

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Wire Config
Sheath Diameter
Transition Fitting
6 7
Sheath Length
Lead Wire Material
Lead Wire Length
Termination Style
Special Features
13 14

2 Element Type
K 100 Ω DIN 00385 Class A mineral insulated element (500°C rated)
P 100 Ω DIN 00385 mineral insulated element (800°C rated)
  For other elements consult factory

3 Wire Configuration
2 2-wire
3 3-wire
4 4-wire
5 2-wire (Dual)
6 3-wire (Dual)

4 Sheath Diameter
D 0.062” (1.6mm) (1/16")
H 0.125” (3.2mm) (1/8")
L 0.188” (4.8mm) (3/16")
N 0.250” (6.4mm) (1/4")
  Sizes for reference only (Standard tolerances apply)
  For other diameters consult factory

5 Transition Fitting
1 3/8”OD X 1.25” w/ spring (standard)
2 1/4”OD X 1.25” w/ spring
4 3/8”OD X 1.25” (no spring)
5 1/4”OD X 1.25” (no spring)
  500°F epoxy standard

6 7 Sheath Length

8 Lead Wire Material
A Fiberglass (800°F)
B Fluoropolymer (400°F)
C Fiberglass with stainless steel braid (800°F) (standard)
D Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid (400°F)
E Fiberglass with armor cable (800°F) (standard)
F Fluoropolymer with armor cable (400°F)
G Fiberglass with stainless steel braid with armor cable (800°F)
H Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid with armor cable (400°F)
J Fluoropolymer singles (without white outer jacket) (400°F)

9 Lead Wire Length
  Over 999" contact factory

10 Termination Style
A 2" stripped leads (bare ends)
B 2" stripped w/ #8 spade lugs
C Standard male 2-pin plug (400°F)
D Standard male 3-pin plug (400°F)
F Standard 2-pin female jack (400°F)
G Standard 3-pin female jack (400°F)
H Miniature male 2-pin plug (400°F)
P Miniature male 3-pin plug (400°F)
J Miniature female 2-pin jack (400°F)
K Miniature female 3-pin jack (400°F)
L 2" stripped leads w/#6 ring terminals
R Dual molded male 4-pin plug (400°F) (for dual 2 wire)
T Dual molded female 4-hole jack (400°F) (for dual 2 wire)
W 2" stripped leads w/ pin terminals
Q 2" stripped leads w/ wire ferrules


Extra long lead wire length (beyond 2” stripped leads)

11 Special Features
07 Cable Clamp
08 Bx Connector
09 Mating connector
10 Armor cable adaptor
18 Moisture protection boot on connector
21 Fluoropolymer coated armor cable
24 Fluoropolymer covered probe
36 RTD color code White-White-Red (Fluoropolymer)
37 RTD color code Black-White-Red (Fluoropolymer)
38 RTD color code Blue-Orange-White (Fluoropolymer)

12 Attached Fitting (optional)
F01 1/8" npt single thread
F02 1/4" npt single thread
F03 3/8" npt single thread
F04 1/2" npt single thread
F05 3/4" npt single thread
F06 1/2" npt x 1/2" npt double thread
F07 1/2" npt double thread. Spring loaded
F08 1/2" npt x 1/2" npt double thread. Spring loaded w/ oil seal
F09 1/2" npt x 3/4" npt double thread
F10 3/4" npt x 3/4" npt double thread
F16 Adjustable 7/16" ID bayonet cap fitting (1/8" OD & 3mm OD)
F17 Adjustable 12.5mm ID double slot bayonet cap fitting (1/8" OD & 3mm OD)
F18 1/8" npt compression fitting (Brass)
F19 1/8" npt compression fitting (Stainless Steel)
F20 1/4" npt compression fitting (Brass)
F21 1/4" npt compression fitting (Stainless Steel)
F22 1/2" npt compression fitting (Brass)
F23 1/2" npt compression fitting (Stainless Steel)
  For other fittings not shown contact factory

14 15 Insertion Length (when required)