Spade RTDs
(Series RE1)

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Element Accuracy
Wire Configuration
Spade Size
Lead Wire Material
Lead Wire Length
Termination Style
Special Features

2 Element Type
T 100 Ω DIN 00385 (thin film)
U 500 Ω DIN 00385 (thin film)
W 1000 Ω DIN 00385 (thin film)
X 120 Ω Nickel DIN 00672 (thin film)
Y 100 Ω DIN 003916 (wire wound)
Z 500 Ω DIN 003916 (wire wound)
Q 10 Ω copper (thin film)
S 100 Ω DIN 00385 (wire wound)

3 Element Accuracy
A Class A (0.06%)
B Class B (0.12%)

4 Wire Configuration
2 2-wire
3 3-wire
4 4-wire
5 2-wire (Dual)
6 3-wire (Dual)

5 Spade Size
F 1/2” x 1/2”
H 5/8” x 5/8”
M 3/4” x 3/4”
N 1” x 1”
P 3/4 x 7/8”
Q 1/2” x 5/8”
R 3/4" x 1"
T 1/2" x 1"
W 2" x 2"
  Check witht factory for custom sizes

6 Lead Wire Material
A Fiberglass (800°F)
B Fluoropolymer (400°F)
C Fiberglass with stainless steel braid (800°F)
D Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid (400°F)
E Fiberglass with armor cable (800°F)
F Fluoropolymer with armor cable (400°F)
G Fiberglass with stainless steel braid with armor cable (800°F)
H Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid with armor cable (400°F)

7 Lead Wire Length
  Over 999" contact factory

8 Termination Style
A 2" stripped leads (bare ends)
B 2" stripped w/ #8 spade lugs
C Standard male 2-pin plug (400°F)
D Standard male 3-pin plug (400°F)
F Standard 2-pin female jack (400°F)
G Standard 3-pin female jack (400°F)
H Miniature male 2-pin plug (400°F)
P Miniature male 3-pin plug (400°F)
J Miniature female 2-pin jack (400°F)
K Miniature female 3-pin jack (400°F)
R Dual molded male 4-pin plug (400°F) (for dual 2 wire)
T Dual molded female 4-hole jack (400°F) (for dual 2 wire)
W 2" stripped leads w/ pin terminals
Q 2" stripped leads w/ wire ferrules


Extra long lead wire length (beyond 2” stripped leads)

9 Special Features
02 1.5" long strain relief spring
03 1.5" long heat shrink where wire exits the probe
06 Epoxy seal
07 Cable Clamp
08 Bx Connector
09 Mating connector
  • 24 AWG stranded wire comes standard
  • Spade is silver soldered to probe
  • Spade is 0.010" thick