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Mineral Insulated MGO

Ring Terminal RTDs

Series RC1

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Ring Terminal Size
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Special Features

2 Element Type
T 100 Ω DIN 00385 (thin film)
U 500 Ω DIN 00385 (thin film)
W 1000 Ω DIN 00385 (thin film)
X 120 Ω Nickel DIN 00672 (thin film)
Y 100 Ω DIN 003916 (wire wound)
Z 500 Ω DIN 003916 (wire wound)
Q 10 Ω copper (thin film)

3 Element Accuracy
A Class A (0.06%)
B Class B (0.12%)

4 Wire Configuration
2 2-wire
3 3-wire
4 4-wire
5 2-wire (Dual)
6 3-wire (Dual)

5 Ring Terminal Size
F #6 (0.147” hole size)
H #8 (0.173” hole size)
M #10 (0.198” hole size)
N 1/4” (0.263” hole size)
P 5/16” (0.336” hole size)
Q 3/8” (0.393” hole size)

6 Lead Wire Material
A Fiberglass (800°F)
B Fluoropolymer (400°F)
C Fiberglass with stainless steel braid (800°F)
D Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid (400°F)
E Fiberglass with armor cable (800°F)
F Fluoropolymer with armor cable (400°F)
G Fiberglass with stainless steel braid with armor cable (800°F)
H Fluoropolymer with stainless steel braid with armor cable (400°F)

7 Lead Wire Length
  Over 999" contact factory

8 Termination Style
A 2" stripped leads (bare ends)
B 2" stripped w/ #8 spade lugs
C Standard male 2-pin plug (400°F)
D Standard male 3-pin plug (400°F)
F Standard 2-pin female jack (400°F)
G Standard 3-pin female jack (400°F)
H Miniature male 2-pin plug (400°F)
P Miniature male 3-pin plug (400°F)
J Miniature female 2-pin jack (400°F)
K Miniature female 3-pin jack (400°F)
R Dual molded male 4-pin plug (400°F) (for dual 2 wire)
T Dual molded female 4-hole jack (400°F) (for dual 2 wire)
W 2" stripped leads w/ pin terminals
Q 2" stripped leads w/ wire ferrules


Extra long lead wire length (beyond 2” stripped leads)

9 Special Features
01 Solid conductor (Lead wire)
02 1.5" long strain relief spring
03 1.5" long heat shrink where wire exits the probe
06 Epoxy seal
07 Cable Clamp
08 Bx Connector
09 Mating connector
18 Moisture protection boot on connector
21 Fluoropolymer coated armor cable
  • Ring terminal can be mounted under various different screw sizes to sense temperature of a surface